What She Does & How She Does It

Traci can manage entire projects for you or concentrate on specific pieces or tasks. There is no one way to approach a project, but it’s imperative to have the big picture and the deadlines up front as well as your goals, your concerns, and anything else that’s important to you. It’s also important to know the state of your current communication efforts and who is involved in a project or product.

She spends time planning a project and revisiting that plan often, keeping you informed of progess, questions, and any additional information or resources she needs. She can serve as a team leader or support a team as a valuable member.

She routinely interviews, researches, and compiles information from engineers, scientists, project managers, marketing representatives, service personnel, and other subject matter experts as well as published sources, including your previous and current documentation.

Besides writing and editing, she also:

Tools she has used include: