About Traci Pearson

Traci has created written, audio, and visual communication for all sorts of technical, medical, scientific, and business industries, advertising and marketing, and courtroom presentations. A technical communicator (technical writer) since 1993, she's also been a technical illustrator, a desktop publisher, a graphic artist, a newspaper reporter, a computer animator, and a UNIX system administrator.

More important than her experience, however, is her passion for her profession, her continual professional improvement, and her curiosity about a broad range of scientific and intellectual topics. She reads, participates in discussions, and takes classes and workshops to expand and improve her skills and knowledge.


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M.S. in Technical Communication, 2000
Colorado State University

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B.A. in Journalism and Technical Communication, 1996
Colorado State University


KTA Crest

Kappa Tau Alpha (national journalism and mass communication honor society), 1997

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Outstanding Graduate in Technical/Specialized Journalism,
1996–1997, Colorado State University Department of Journalism and Technical Communication


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Society for Technical Communication, Senior Member (past)