These samples represent some of the breadth and depth of my work.

Software Manuals

Vertis Campaign Management

Software documentation sample (PDF, 320 KB)
This document was designed to be distributed with the software as a PDF file.

(for Vertis Digital Solutions Group; read more.)

Discoverant Users Guide

Discoverant User's Guide
(PDF, 900 KB)

(for Aegis Analytical Corporation; read more.)

Medical Device Manuals

New Essentials

Rewritten, reformatted, and updated COBE Spectra Apheresis System manual.

(for Gambro BCT; read more.)

Instrument Manuals

PF-15 pH Meter

"Getting Started" sample
(PDF, 277 KB)

Technical information and theory sample (PDF, 167 KB)

(for Sartorius Mechatronics; read more.)

L&T Kart Clutch

Instrument repair sample
(PDF, 348 KB)

Theory of operation sample
(PDF, 742 KB)

(for the Hach Company; read more.)

Books Edited

Emergency Vehicle Operations

Emergency Vehicle Operations: A Line Officer's Guide (Second Edition)
by Raymond W. Beach, Jr., Earl R. Morris, and William C. Smith

Incident Management

Critical Incident Management
by Vincent F. Faggiano and Thomas T. Gillespie

(for K&M Publishers; read more.)

Books Indexed


Tuning & Race Prep for Your Body

Four-part series on fitness & nutrition (PDF, 2 MB)

(for Victory Lane magazine)

Public Relations

Miscellaneous Samples