Clients/Companies & Projects

These clients and projects represent my most notable and/or favorite clients I have served and work I have done.

Cherokee Nation Technologies

Wrote and maintained user documentation for enterprise software in an Agile environment for the team’s contract with the USDA Federal Grain Inspection Service. Wrote and edited other documentation as needed. Reported application bugs and user interface issues and tested fixes. Gathered some project specifications and requirements. Provided feedback and suggestions on UI.

Cherokee Nation Operational Solutions

Designed, wrote, and maintained internal documentation for an agency within the U.S. Department of Energy.


Redesigned and rewrote old manual for the Spectra blood apheresis system. Split original engineer-written manual (628 pages long) into four separate manuals: a general user manual (Essentials, which included basic setup, maintenance, and operation of both hardware and software; operating theory; general troubleshooting; and instructions for peripherals) and three other manuals that addressed specific procedures (the Therapeutic Apheresis, Cell Therapy, and Platelet Collection guides, each of which included important hardware, software, and troubleshooting information specific to each procedure). Wrote new procedures. Created some of the graphics and worked with technical illustrator and graphic artist to create the rest. Wrote all documentation for localization. [more and samples…]

Level 3 Communications

Worked with a proposal team to compile and edit a large proposal for the Defense Information Systems Agency (Department of Defense). Worked on the nonclassified portions of the proposal (totaling hundreds of pages). Turnaround was extremely quick and the text and the details in the document had to be accurate and meet both DoD and FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) requirements.

Alliance of Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science Societies

Edited scientific articles and conference/symposia proceedings for the Journal of Animal Science, Crop Science, The Plant Genome, Crop Management, Applied Turfgrass Science, Forage and Grazinglands, and the Soil Science Society of America Journal. Communicated with authors about changes, clarifications, and missing information. Cleaned up English manuscripts for authors whose primary language is not English.

Advanced Energy Industries

Maintained and updated manuals for power supplies (8–150 kW), matching network power controllers, arc handlers, and other related hardware and software. Documentation included user manuals, training documentation, installation manuals, and troubleshooting and repair manuals. Each manual was customized by researching and writing new material, procuring new graphics, gathering and editing existing material, and managing a complex system of conditional text.

Hewlett-Packard / Agilent Technologies

Set up and managed documentation department within Hewlett-Packard’s Manufacturing Test Business Unit (MTBU) in an ISO-9000 environment. Managed personnel and projects, created version control system, and produced and published internal process and procedure documentation.

Hach Company

Researched and wrote manuals for a wide range of Hach products, from small test kits for field work to laboratory turbidimeters and peripheral devices for large-scale installations. Most manuals included installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting instructions and were written for localization. Managed projects. Worked with technical illustrator to create graphics. [sample…]

Sartorius Mechatronics

Researched and wrote manuals for new water quality testing instruments to be used in the lab or the field, including peripherals, maintenance, troubleshooting, and software documentation. Wrote and designed content for localization. Created some of the graphics and worked with technical illustrator to create the rest. [sample…]

Ethicon Endo-Surgery (a Johnson & Johnson company)

Designed, researched, and wrote user manual for a new sedation delivery system.

Deborah Fidler, PhD, and Nathaniel Riggs, PhD

Edited numerous NIH research grant proposals.

Aegis Analytical Corporation

Researched and wrote user and administrator guides and online help for Aegis’ Discoverant software, which allows pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms to track and analyze manufacturing and process development data to control and improve processes and enable effective collaboration. [samples…]

Vertis Digital Solutions Group

Wrote online help and reference documentation for Vertis’ customized, integrated advertising and marketing solution applications. Edited proposals. Performed QA on software. [sample…]

K&M Publishers

Edited books for training and classroom use: Emergency Vehicle Operations (ISBN 0-9727134-0-9) and Critical Incident Management (ISBN 0-9727134-2-5).


Researched and wrote online help, online manuals, and printed installation guides and user manuals for Allocity’s Microsoft Exchange storage administration applications Live!Ex and Allocity SAN Manager.


Researched and wrote online help for Mincom’s extensive Planner’s Workbench application.

Cirrus Logic

Edited and reformatted manuals and data sheets for digital processors and ethernet transceiver macros.

Alpine Technology Group

Researched and wrote online and embedded help for the company’s ASPEN Explorer, an application to aid Federal Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) employees survey health-care facilities.

The Dalbey Wealth Institute

Wrote online help for administrators and users of the company’s intranet portal and multitude of internal applications. Developed content for training materials.

Citicorp Diners Club International

Researched and wrote online documentation for the company’s T+E Reconciler application, which helped organizations manage their travel and entertainment spending.