Professional Science, Academic, and Technical Writing and Editing

Manuals, articles, online content, documentation, and more

The written word, in all its forms and uses, is powerful and important. From love letters to a nation's constitution, from published scientific research to classic novels, from the flight plans for the Apollo missions to the instructions on using, maintaining, and repairing a hospital's PET scanner, the written word can significantly affect people's lives. My fascination with and reverence for the power of the written word, as well as my passion for and interest in a number of fields in the sciences and arts, has led me to a career in writing and editing.

Since 1993, I have created documentation that is easy to read and to use; supports your goals and customer service; and saves you time, money, and hassle. I quickly learn any technology or complex concept and accurately and efficiently translate this knowledge for a variety of audiences—your readers, listeners, or viewers. I manage projects and produce high-quality, complete, clear, and accurate work that serves both your needs and the needs of your own audiences.

I also edit scientific, academic, and technical books, journal articles, and other documents, helping writers say what they intend to say and conform to English style guides and publishing requirements. I particularly enjoy working with authors whose primary language is not English, helping them to clearly express themselves in this often confusing and difficult language of ours.

Take a look at some of the products I have worked on and industries in which I have worked, some of the fascinating clients I have worked with and projects I have completed, and samples of some of my work. Read about what I do and how I do it or learn more about me. If you have questions or want me to solve your communication challenges, plesae feel free to contact me!